At realization of the first purchase you have the opportunity to get the story card of Giardini.

The card of Giardini gives the opportunity to return of facilities in size of 5% from the sum of purchase.*

Curren card holders one-time and guaranteed get bonuses, where 1 bonus = 1 hryvnya:
5% = 300 bonuses
10% = 500 bonuses
15% = 700 bonuses
Bonuses take effect in 14 days after making a purchase. The first possibility of calculation by bonuses becomes avaliable, when the total amount of bonuses will equal 1000. Paying by bonuses maybe no more than 50% from the cost of commodity.

Bonuses operate during 365 days from the moment of their activating. Story cards act in all shops of chain Giardini, no matter in what shop they are given.
*The return of facilities is possible in case, if a discount on a commodity does not exceed 49%.
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